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LTdye Lavandaria e Tinturaria, SA was founded in January 2010, headquartered in the municipality of Trofa, with the main activity “Laundry and Industrial Dyeing” currently counting on 81 employees.

The start of activity coincided with a difficult macro-economic environment in Portugal which led to a redemption request in April 2011, having carried out large investments in modernization and expansion, and is currently in the laundry and dyeing market for ready-made garments, well established and with recognized service quality.

LTdye's differentiating factor lies in its specialization in dyeing home textiles, recognized and renowned in this sector thanks to its innovation, great responsiveness and quality of service provided. The dyeing of finished garments accounts for 100% of turnover, entirely for the foreign market, being the company's growth engine.

Lavandaria LTdye Lavandaria e Tinturaria, SA, thus provides a program, according to the needs, satisfaction and requirements of each client.



Promote sustainable technological development to improve people's quality of life.

Continuous commitment to Research and Development.


"To be a recognized organization with notoriety in the sector thanks to innovation, great responsiveness and the quality of the service provided."
At LTdye we create value through innovation and creativity in the specialization in dyeing items made in home textiles.

Our objective is to increase productivity, respecting the individual, society and the environment.

The garment dyeing sector for the foreign market is considered the company's growth engine.


Our vision will create value through sustainable and profitable growth.

Development of work based on transparency, honesty, rigor, competence, efficiency, friendliness and trust.

Implementation of various measures, both at an organizational and procedural level, in order to guarantee that the final article complies with the customer's requirements.

Availability of a program in order to respond to the needs, satisfaction and demands of each client, leading to their loyalty.


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LTdye offers its customers a modern laboratory, certified and recognized by internationally renowned brands.


We have the ability to develop the colors required for our customers' processes on a daily basis, always with the guarantee of state-of-the-art technology.


Our professionals are accredited and able to guarantee accurate measurements and results.




Accompanying all this evolution, concerns were also growing in terms of service quality, as well as environmental and energy efficiency concerns.

In order to provide our customers and partners with guarantees of quality, in 2013 we started the Oeko-Tex certification for 100% cotton items, which we have maintained ever since.

The services provided are largely intended for articles for the Inditex group, which led us to implement various measures both at an organizational and procedural level so that we can guarantee that the company follows the Inditex group's manual of good practices and that the final article complies with the customer's requirements, namely the creation of a quality laboratory to monitor the various parameters to be analyzed.

With the evolution of the company, the environmental and energy part became a central concern, measures having been taken in terms of the treatment of effluents, being then linked to the Integrated Depollution System of Vale do Ave, through TRATAVE – Treatment of Waste Waters do Ave, SA

What makes us strong in the market is also related to our concern to reduce energy consumption, under the Intensive Energy Consumption Management System (SGCIE), making us more competitive. Another implemented measure refers to a steam generation system powered by biomass, not using fossil fuels.

LTdye proceeded with the industrial licensing with nº 339/2013.

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